Orbone® Cell and Tissue Bank started working with France Biobank Tissue Bank and Luxembourg Bone and Tissue Bank in Europe in 2009-2010. In the continuation of these studies, by starting simultaneous studies in Turkey, Orbone® made great contributions to the “regulation on the quality and safety of human tissues and cells and their centers“, in Turkey in order to strengthen the control of the allograft market and to increase the quality. These works were published in the official newspaper on October 27, 2010.

Orbone® provided many information and documents in 2011 to the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency Advanced Treatment Medical Products Department (TITCK) of Ministry of Health by supporting the preliminary permit studies for allograft imports. After all the studies were completed, Orbone® became the first company to complete its preliminary applications and obtain the official sales permit in 2012. Orbone® is a company that advocates quality and safety at the forefront in the allograft sector and pioneered the enactment of product liability insurance.

Orbone® Cell and Tissue Bank has imported human-derived tissue and bone since 2013 primarily from French Biobank, Luxembourg Bone and Tissue Bank, European Medical Contract Manufacturing and also from Bacterin Inc Tissue Bank, following the official approval of TITCK. Orbone® Supercrit® Allograft tissues have met the need for bone tissue in hundreds of surgical operations and has made a mark in tumor cases in orthopedics and neurosurgery, especially in Balta Limani Bone Hospital.

Orbone® has been the pioneer of the Allograft sector in Turkey by continuing its audit, quality, and safety studies without slowing down with the well-established Tissue Banks in Europe and America, “France Biobank, Luxembourg Bone and Tissue Bank, European Medical Contract Manufacturing and Bacterin Inc”, as well as the tissue banking studies it has carried out since 2010 during the importation period. Also, in 2013, Orbone® took the steps to establish a tissue bank in Turkey by agreeing with its partners in Europe.

Orbone® has also started to support (Social Security Agency) SGK-SUT studies simultaneously in 2014. While making a mark with the imported tissues during the SUT studies in which advanced technology eCOO® Supercritical Co2 tissue units is used, Orbone® signed the transfer agreements of this technology and brought it to our country, which increases the quality of operations.

Orbone® is Turkey’s first and only tissue and bone bank that produces human-derived tissue close to autogenous tissue quality by using the most up-to-date and reliable technology in the processing of human bones and tissues, high-tech eCOO® Supercritical Co2 technology.

Orbone® has not imported cadavers from abroad since the first day we received our production permits, instead Orbone® collects human tissue from hospitals meticulously and under strict rules in our country as medical waste. We are proud to present all the hard and soft tissue groups to our surgeons and patients by using the highest quality technology in our country with 100% domestic and national facilities, which brings order and locality to the sector in the field of human-made tissues. Orbone® continues R&D studies in the field of tissue and technology development while contributing to the relevant institutions in Turkey by participating in business development programs with the Tissue Banks in Europe.

Orbone® to the quality and safe distribution of our products to surgeons, hospitals, surgery centers and clinics. Our distributors and end users rely on the high quality of our allografts, our highly trained tissue bank specialists, and our dedicated production team specialized in bioengineering and genetics.

Orbone® complies with Good Tissue Practices (GMP). Orbone® produces tissues in Class A classification, which is the highest laboratory standard in the world. Orbone® serves the medical community by offering a wide variety of surgical allograft options, from traditional bone and soft tissues to specialized products for transplantation.

Adopting high quality and safety principles, Orbone® not only provides convenience to surgeons and patients with its quality production in Turkey, but also provides fast and effective solutions to possible complications that may be encountered after surgery, with our superior follow-up system and competent healthcare team in tissue collection, storage, and distribution of finished products.

All Orbone® tissues are covered by product liability insurance.

Orbone® is a corporate member of the European Association of Tissue and Cell Banks “EATCB”. Orbone® is the first Cell and Tissue Bank in Turkey that is approved for the “EATCB Institutional Membership” of the European Union of Tissue and Cell Banks.

Orbone® applies European GMP production and quality standards without compromising. Orbone® leads the R&D programs of the partnered tissue banks in Europe.