Orbone Tissue Collection Organization

What Is the Source of Orbone® Allografts?

Orbone® meticulously collects tissues such as hip replacement and knee surgery donated by donor patients living in Turkey as medical waste.

Tissue Collection Planning

The Orbone® Cell and Tissue Bank is focused on producing quality and safe human-derived tissues for surgeons, hospitals, surgery centers and clinics, and is the first tissue bank to establish and enact tissue collection planning.

Orbone® organizes and collects human tissues according to strict rules enforced. Orbone® accepts tissue donors who fully comply with the donor eligibility conditions and are in better condition than these conditions according to the tissue and organ transplantation regulation of the Turkish Republic Ministry of Health which is organized in accordance with the regulations of American and European Tissue Banks.

Orbone® is committed to providing a reliable tissue source to patients and physicians. Each donor undergoes a thorough evaluation using a health and social history assessment, health records, blood tests, culture results, general examinations, and autopsy reports (if performed). This process is used to determine a donor’s eligibility for donation, allowing us to identify and rule out unacceptable health conditions or potential illnesses.

Examination of tissues taken from hospitals

All bone and soft tissues collected by our tissue supply centers nationwide are transferred to our tissue storage and processing center in accordance with cold chain procedures. Tissues reaching to our center are received by our relevant unit and delivered to our storage area. In order to ensure the traceability of the tissues, first the donor registration processes are completed, and they are placed in our deep freezers at -86 degrees in a planned manner.

All documents of these tissues are systematically put in order until the tissues are processed. The documents of the processed tissues are taken to our archive room for archiving.

The most important part that Orbone® pays attention to in the acceptance criteria is the consent/approval of the donor patient and then the donor blood tests. According to the results of the donor’s pre-operative blood tests, -negative tissues are separated and they are accepted after the remaining examinations are done and their suitability is confirmed.

Orbone® subjects these raw tissues from hospitals to a second evaluation and destroys the tissues as “medical waste” that are not suitable for our quality.

Orbone Tissue Collection Organization

Orbone® systematically takes the tissues to be processed from the -86 degree cabinets and utilizes careful tissue thawing techniques to avoid compromising tissue quality. Thawed tissues are taken to the B area of the laboratory for cleaning, washing and further processing, then the production processes are started by our professional team.