Orbone® Cell and Tissue Bank produces Class A tissue in Class B laboratories with its eCOO® scCO2 high-tech facility.

Orbone Cortical Powder Allograft

Source of Tissue: Orbone® Allografts are 100% Human Source and are derived from bones from donated skeletal tissue (eg, tibia, fibula, knee) and femoral head from living humans.

Common Surgical Applications: Orbone® Cortical Powder grafts are bone chips with a robust structural and mechanical properties for filling bone loss and/or correcting bone defects. It is used for both spinal fusion, oral and maxillofacial, prosthetic or bone graft growth as well as for general orthopedic reconstruction. The proprietary eCOO® scCO2 Technology process provides excellent osteoconductive properties. This product forms a stable complex with the patient’s own bones.

Usage: The product is disposable. The product should be used after opening the bottle. It should not be used for a second time to another patient.

Production Method: eCoo® Technology – Supercritical Co2
Sterilization Method: Gamma Radiation

Storage Method: Freeze-dried. This product should be stored at an ambient temperature of 15-25 ºC.


Product Size Volume
Cortical Powder 0,15 – 0,8 mm 0,5 cc
Cortical Powder 0,15 – 0,8 mm 1 cc
Cortical Powder 0,15 – 0,8 mm 2,5 cc
Cortical Powder 0,15 – 0,8 mm 5 cc